Even the greatest makeup expert in the beauty industry was once a beginner, which therefore means there is hope for every willing soul.

Eye makeup tips for a beginner:

Eye primer

Setting grounds for your makeup is essential because you want to receive the best possible result. You can also use an eye shadow base, foundation or concealer so as to make your eye makeup stick for a much more extended period.

Basic shades

Since you are a
beginner, try using basic shades first to familiarize with makeup and feel
comfortable in them. There are four basic shades that you can use for a start:

  • A highlighter which is lighter than the tone of your skin

  • A matte mid-tone shade

  • A contour shade that is 2-3 shades darker than your skin

  • A matte black shade

Essential makeup brushes

All you need to start your beauty journey is a small flat brush for eyeshadow and a blending brush of medium size. You can also have a smudger, but that’s optional.


–    Use your flat brush to apply the lighter shade from the inner corner of your eyes

–    Shake off excess product before using the

–    Use the same color to highlight your
eyebrow’s arch

–    Apply mid-tone shadow above the crease and
blend outwards  using the blending brush

–   From the outer corner, apply the contour
shade and blend into the crease in your eye’s outer half

–    Combine the mid-tone shade and the contour
shade and apply on the bottom lash

–    For a dramatic look, use the matte black
shadow on the bottom lash and outer corner the eyes

–    Use lash curler for the best look

–    Eyeliner can come in much later, but if you
are bold enough, give it a try


The easiest eyebrow trick for any makeup beginner is the filling of eyebrows. Just use your eye pencil and draw a neat line to make your eyebrows think and beautiful. This is particularly useful if your eyebrows are thin or light colored. As a result, it makes them appear fuller and more attractive.

You can go as far as shaping your brows, but don’t be too creative for a beginner. Chances of messing this are always high. Eyebrow shaping is actually one part that you may need expert help for a start. In case something goes wrong while shaping, you can always fill using your eye pencil so don’t be discouraged.


Never apply makeup on a dirty face but ensure you wash up or use wet wipes to remove sweat and old makeup

Don’t overdo

For a beginner, go easy
on mascara

Ensure you wash your
brushes are clean for the next makeup session

As you can see, eye makeup is not a difficult thing because it is all about practice and the desire to learn more.

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